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* denotes 2-CD sets

Fax No.
CD Caravan Vol.1 HUX002
CD Graham Parker HUX003
CD The Higsons HUX004
CD Atomic Rooster HUX005
CD Gentle Giant  HUX008* 2-CD
CD Nils Lofgren HUX010
CD Jan Akkerman HUX011
CD Jan Akkerman  HUX012
CD Caravan Vol.2 HUX013
CD Terry Edwards HUX014
CD By Jingo It's...British Rubbish  HUX015
CD Jan Akkerman  HUX016
CD The Tubes  HUX017
CD Gentle Giant HUX018* 2-CD
CD Tir Na Nog HUX021
CD Auto Da Fe HUX022
CD John Sebastian HUX024
CD The Blues Band HUX025
CD Duffy Power HUX026
CD Gryphon HUX027
CD The Only Ones HUX030* 2-CD
CD Back Door HUX031
CD Ernie Graham HUX032
CD Lew Lewis HUX033
CD Malcolm Morley HUX034
CD Ian Gomm HUX035
CD Gene Watson HUX036
CD Soft Machine HUX037* 2-CD
CD Nucleus HUX038
CD Wreckless Eric HUX039
CD Gay & Terry Woods HUX040
CD Gryphon HUX041
CD Gene Vincent HUX042
CD Mick Softley HUX043
CD Billie Jo Spears HUX044
CD Grease Band HUX045
CD Elton Dean's Ninesense HUX046
CD Soft Machine HUX047* 2-CD
CD Isotope & Gary Boyle HUX048
CD Pentangle HUX049* 2-CD
CD Elton Dean HUX050
CD Focus HUX051
CD Mickey Jupp HUX053
CD Help Yourself HUX054
CD Dreamtime HUX055  
CD Gypsy HUX056  
CD Family HUX057  
CD Kokomo HUX058  
CD Psychic Warrior HUX059  
CD Family HUX060  
CD Neil Innes HUX061  
CD Pip Pyle's Equip Out HUX062  
CD Elton Dean & Sophia Domancich  HUX063 
CD Deke Leonard's Iceberg HUX064  
CD The Violent Femmes - BBC Live 
* 2-CD
CD Heron - Black Dog HUX066    
CD Soft Machine & Heavy Friends - 
BBC In Concert 1971 HUX067
CD Roger Morris - First Album HUX068    
CD Stoney Edwards - 2 on 1  HUX069  
CD Soft Machine - BBC In Concert 1972  HUX070    
CD Tom T Hall - In Search Of A Song/ The Rhymer And Other Five And Dimers 2 for 1 HUX071    
CD Gene Watson - Because You Believed In Me/ Beautiful Country 2 for 1 HUX072    
CD Robyn Hitchcock - This Is The BBC  HUX074  
CD Skid Row - Live And On Song HUX075  
CD Connie Smith - Connie Smith/Connie Country HUX076  
CD Barefoot Jerry - Keys To The Country / Barefootin’ ‘2 on 1’ HUX077  
CD Nucleus - Hemispheres HUX078  
CD Grimms - Sleepers HUX079  
CD Clint Black - Killin' Time/Put Yourself In My Shoes '2 on 1' HUX080  
CD Eggs Over Easy - Good 'n' Cheap  HUX081  
CD Bridget St.John - Jumblequeen HUX082  
CD Matching Mole - On The Radio HUX083  
CD Rick Wakeman Live At The BBC -  HUX085* 2-CD  
CD Ducks Deluxe - The John Peel Sessions HUX086  
CD Incredible String Band - Across The Airwaves HUX087 * 2-CD  
CD The Peter Ivers Band - Knight of the Blue Communion HUX088  
CD Pentangle - One More Road & Live 1994 HUX089* 2-CD  
CD John Martyn - The Battle of Medway July 17 1973 HUX090  
CD Tom T Hall - We All Got Together And.../The Storyteller HUX091  
CD Dr Strangely Strange - Halcyon Days HUX092  
CD The Rumour - Max HUX093  
CD Wizz Jones - Lucky The Man HUX094  
CD Harold McNair - The Fence HUX095  
CD Formerly Fat Harry - Goodbye For Good: The Lost Recordings 1969-72 HUX096  
CD Robin Dransfield - A Lighter Touch HUX097* 2-CD  
CD Ron Geesin - Biting The Hand BBC Radio Broadcasts 1969-1975  HUX098 2-CD  
CD Charlie Louvin - Less And Less & I Don't Love You Anymore / Lonesome Is Me
HUX099 2 for 1
CD Incredible String Band - Tricks Of The Senses HUX100* 2-CD  
CD Gene Watson - Reflections / Should I Come Home HUX101 2 for 1  
CD Shawn Phillips At The BBC HUX102  
CD Screaming Blue Messiahs Live At the BBC HUX103  
CD Dr Strangely Strange - Kip Of the Serenes HUX104  
CD Faron Young - Here's Faron Young/Occasional Wife 2 on 1 HUX105  
CD Ed Bruce - The Tennessean/Cowboys And Dreamers 2 on 1 HUX106  
CD Family BBC Radio 1970 Volume 3 HUX107  
CD Quintessence - Cosmic Energy Live At St Pancras 1970 HUX108  
CD Quintessence - Infinite Love - Live At Queen Elizabeth Hall 1971 HUX109" 2-CD  
CD Cal Smith - The Best Of HUX110  
CD The Silkie - You've Got To Hide Your Love Away HUX111  
CD Marty Robbins -  Have I Told You Lately That I Love You? / I’ve Got A Woman's Love 2 on 1 HUX112  
CD Davy Graham - From Monkhouse To Medway 1963-1973 HUX113  
CD Bridget St John - BBC Radio 1968-1976 HUX114* 2-CD  
CD Kala - After Quintessence The Complete Recordings, 1973 HUX115  
CD Marty Robbins - I Walk Alone/It's A Sin (2 on 1) HUX116  
CD Johnny Paycheck - Someone To Give My Love To/Somebody Loves Me (2 on 1) HUX117  
CD Johnny Rodriguez - Introducing/ All I Ever Meant To Do Was Sing (2 on 1)   HUX118  
CD Martin Carthy - The January Man - Live In Belfast 1978 HUX119  
CD Cal Smith - My Kind Of Country / I Just Came Home To Count The Memories (2on1)    HUX120  
CD Shiva's Quintessence - Only Love Can Save Us (HUX121)  
CD Quintessence - Rebirth Live At Glastonbury 2010  (HUX122)  
CD THE SLITS - The John Peel Sessions  (HUX123)  
CD GENE WATSON - Memories To Burn/Starting Mew Memories (2on1) HUX124  
CD KITTY WELLS - Country Hit Parade/Winner Of Your Heart (2on1) HUX125  
CD WEBB PIERCE - Fallen Angel/Cross Country (2on1) HUX126  
CD DON WILLIAMS Volume One/Volume Two (2on1) HUX128  
CD TOMPALL & THE GLASER BROTHERS The Award Winners/Rings & Things (2on1) HUX129  
CD BILL ANDERSON From This Pen/Get While The Gettin's Good (2on1) HUX130  
CD THE KENDALLS Two Heart Harmony/Thank God For The Radio (2on1) HUX131  
CD ALABAMA My Home's In Alabama/Feels So Right (2on1) HUX132  
CD MICKY JUPP Shampoo Haircut & Shave HUX133  
CD ROY DRUSKY In A New Dimension (2on1) HUX134  
CD INCREDIBLE STRING BAND Live At Fillmore 1968 HUX137  
CD MAC DAVIS Hard To Be Humble: The Best Of HUX135  
CD JAMES GRIFFIN Just Like Yesterday: The Solo Anthology 1974-77 HUX136  
CD CARL SMITH The Best Of 1951-1970 HUX138  
CD RAY PRICE Welcome To My World The Love Songs HUX139  
CD HOWARD RILEY TRIO Angle/The Day Will Come HUX141*  
CD REB McENTIRE Just A Little Love/ My Kind Of Country HUX142  
CD RODRIGUEZ Rodriguez/Through My Eyes (2on1) HUX144  
CD JIM REEVES Songs Of Love/Nashville '78 (2on1) HUX145  
CD CONNIE SMITH Downtown Country/Connie In The Country (2on1) HUX146  
CD CHRIS SPEDDING Songs Without Words HUX147  
CD JOHNNY RODRIGUEZ  My Third Album/Songs About Ladies And Love (2on1)HUX148  
CD QUINTESSENCE - Spirits From Another Time 1969-1971 (2-CD) HUX150  
CD DICKEY LEE Never Ending Song Of Love/Ashes Of Love HUX152  
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