Caravan CD

This CD is the first of two volumes which will include every available recording from the BBC Radio 1 sessions.

Caravan are a unique band whose intricate and melodic progressive rock spans three decades. The Hux releases cover the period 1970 to 1977 when they recorded over a dozen sessions.

The first volume includes an 8 page booklet with comprehensive liner notes and band photographs, full recording details and a contribution from Pye Hastings.

"...there are delightful melodies aplenty for those prepared to fish for them" ("Mojo", May 1998)


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Also available on Hux Records: Caravan - Ether Way

Caravan - Ether Way

1.Hello Hello
2.If I Could Do It All Over Again, I'd Do It All Over You
3.As I Feel I Die
4.Love Song Without Flute
5.Love To Love You
6.In The Land Of Grey And Pink
7.Memory Lain Hugh
8.A Hunting We Shall Go/Backwards
9.Love In Your Eye
10.Mirror For The Day
11.For Richard
12.Virgin On The Ridiculous

1-3 Recorded for Top Of The Pops 19.8.70

4-6 Recorded in session for Alan Black 11.3.71
First transmission 9.4.71

7-8 Recorded in session for John Peel 20.8.73
First transmission 30.8.73

9-12 Recorded in session for John Peel 7.2.74
First transmission 14.2.74

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