Caravan - Ether Way

This album features three complete John Peel sessions recorded in 1975, 1976 and 1977. None of these have ever been released before. This CD is the second volume of Caravan's BBC radio sessions and between them the albums feature every available session that the band performed for Radio1.

The John Peel sessions include tracks from the albums, "Cunning Stunts", "Blind Dog At St Dunstans" and "Better By Far". Personnel includes Pye Hastings, Mike Wedgwood, Geoffrey Richardson, Dave Sinclair, Richard Coughlan, Jan Schelhaas and Dek Messecar.

The CD is released with the full cooperation of the band and features an eight-page booklet with comprehensive liner notes, band photos and detailed recording information.


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Caravan Vol1

1. The Show Of Our Lives
2. Stuck In A Hole
3. Dabsong Conshirto
4. All The Way
5. A Very Smelly Grubby Little Oik/Bobbing Wide/Come On Back/Grubby Oik Reprise
6. Behind You
7. The Last Unicorn
8. Nightmare
9. Better By Far

1-3 Recorded for John Peel 26.6.75
First transmission 3.7.75

4-5 Recorded for JohnPeel 6.5.76
First transmission 17.5.76

6-9 Recorded for John Peel 2.5.77
First transmission 10.5.77

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