The Kendalls

The father and daughter duo of THE KENDALLS created a perfect blend of traditional and contemporary Country music, sparked by Jeannie' s soaring, sensuous vocals. Her voice, a high lonesome honky-tonk, has a beautiful range that drips pure emotion.

The time is now ripe for the rediscovery of The Kendalls' distinctive sound, with the reissue of these two albums.

Jeannie' s voice is given full-throttle on such classic cheating songs as 'Teach Me To Cheat' and the sensual 'Take Me To Heaven (Before You Take Me Home)'. There' s a fine revival of the country-soul classic 'The Dark End Of the Street', full of dark irony, heartache and winsome charm. And they take a positive stab at Arthur Crudup' s 'My Baby Left Me', which is quite different to the Elvis Presley version. And Merle Haggard' s 'Somewhere Between' turns out to be a perfect fit for Jeannie' s voice.

These long forgotten and often overlooked recordings are a stellar example of pure true-to-the-roots country music.

These two LPs, originally released in 1985, have now been re-mastered and are reissued here together on CD for the first time.




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Track Listing:

1. Two Heart Harmony
2. Four Wheel Drive
3. Somewhere Between
4. I Don't Know Any Better
5. My Baby Left Me
6. If You Break My Heart
7. My Own Sweet Time
8. I'm Still His Life-Long Dream
9. I Never Looked Good In Blue
10. One Good-Bye From Gone
11. Thank God For The Radio
12. That's What I Get For Thinking
13. Take Me To Heaven (Before You Take Me Home)
14. The Dark End Of The Street
15. Movin' Train
16. Teach Me To Cheat
17. If You're Waiting On Me (You' re Backing Up)
18. Cheater's Prayer

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