Psychic Warrior

This is a brand new recording from the formidable free jazz quartet of Alex Maguire, Elton Dean, Fred Baker & Liam Genockey.

Alex Maguire is the driving force behind this quartet, having written most of the material, and it marks a switch from his usual instrument of the piano, to the Hammond Organ and Fender Rhodes.

After having studied with John Cage and Howard Riley, Alex went on to perform throughout Europe and USA. He has worked with Elton Dean in several projects (including Newsense, Headless, EDQ etc) and with Fred Baker in Pip Pyle's Bash.

Elton Dean is a totally unique musician and over the years he has lent his immense talents to bands like Soft Machine, Soft Heap, In Cahoots and L'Equip'Out, as well as many jazz ensembles featuring Keith Tippett, Hugh Hopper, Pip Pyle, Mark Hewins and John Etheridge.

Fred Thelonious Baker is predominently reknowned among Canterbury music fans for his work with Phil Miller's In Cahoots, but this outstandingly talented bass player is also a highly respected musician on the British jazz and folk scenes.1992).

Liam Genockey is one of the most versatile drummers currently working in the UK. He has been able to turn his hand to virtually every style of music. He's played with Paul Brady, Gerry Rafferty & Trevor Watt, among others. He is currently a member of the British folk band, Steeleye Span.

Psychic Warrior is the first album from this quartet and the accompanying 8 page booklet includes liner notes by Alex Maguire and rare band photographs.


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1. The Burglary

2. Psychic Warrior

3. Green Lanes

4. Social Reformers

5. Hail Mary Pass

6. Marina


Alex Maguire - Hammond Organ & Fender Rhodes Electric Piano

Elton Dean - Alto Saxopone and Saxello

Fred Baker - Electric and Acoustic Bass Guitars

Liam Genockey - Drums and Percussion

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