Kokomo - To Be Cool

Kokomo's unique brand of harmony-soaked soul funk music made them one of the most exciting attractions on the burgeoning UK gig circuit of the mid 1970s.

Often compared favourably to The Average White Band, Kokomo were perhaps the most authentic funk band Britain produced during the 1970s.

The group's ten-man membership was extremely disparate: guitarist Neil Hubbard and bassist Alan Spenner had previously worked with Joe Cocker's Grease Band, vocalists Dyan Birch, Frank Collins & Paddie McHugh once led '60s pop sensations Arrival, and saxophonist Mel Collins was ex-King Crimson.

Bob Dylan was so impressed by the group that he invited them to join him on the early studio sessions for the recording of his 'Desire' album. Only one song featuring the band, 'Romance in Durango', made the finished record.

Kokomo's eponymous debut album reached number 34 on the US R&B charts. They also had a US hit with their single, 'Use Your Imagination'.

'To Be Cool', perfectly captures the spirit and flavour of Kokomo. Recorded live in their rehearsal studios before they had signed a record contract, this CD is comprised primarily of previously unreleased tracks, all of which showcase the band's staggering accomplishments as musicians and vocalists.

The accompanying 8 page booklet includes rare band photographs, comprehensive liner notes and full recording details.


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1. It Ain't Cool (To Be Cool No More)

2. Friend Of Mine

3. Mother's Prayer

4. Freedom For The Stallion

5. Chameleon

6. I Can Understand It

7. New Morning

8. Angel

9. Anytime

10. Yes We Can Can


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