Focus Live at the BBC

Fondly remembered for their chart smash 'Hocus Pocus', Dutch progressive rock band Focus was formed in Amsterdam in 1969 by vocalist/ keyboardist/ flautist Thijs van Leer. With the subsequent addition of guitarist Jan Akkerman, the group issued its debut LP in 1970.

Over the next few years, they achieved chart success in both the UK and US with the singles 'Hocus Pocus' & 'Sylvia', and the albums 'Moving Waves' & 'Focus 3'.

By 1976, the only original members remaining were Thijs van Leer and bassist Bert Ruiter. Thijs then put together a new line-up of the band, in preparation for a UK tour. He recruited Philip Catherine, an established and respected jazz fusion guitarist and songwriter. The band was then completed with the addition of David Kemper on drums, a veteran of many Los Angeles sessions who would later accompany Jerry Garcia and Bob Dylan on tour.

Recorded in London on 21st March 1976 by the BBC, this concert includes new material as well as old stage favourites, 'House Of The King' and 'Hocus Pocus'. Fans of Focus will welcome this latest addition to the band's recorded output, newcomers will be able to catch up on the later and less documented period of this band's history.

Thijs van Leer has recently unveiled a new incarnation of Focus and this band has released an excellent 'comeback' album and completed several successful tours.


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1. Virtuous Woman

2. Blues In D

3. Maximum

4. Sneezing Bull

5. Sonata For Flute

6. House Of The King

7. Angel Wings

8. Little Sister/What You See

9. Hocus Pocus


Thijs van Leer, (flute,keyboards,vocals), Philip Catherine (guitars), Bert Ruiter (bass,vocals), David Kemper (drums)

Recorded by the BBC for 'In Concert', 21 March 1976

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