This double CD of Pentangle's BBC recordings is comprised primarily of rare and previously unheard tracks.

From 1968 to 1973 Pentangle were prolific session guests on BBC radio, their unique fusion of sounds providing access to programmes covering folk, pop and progressive rock. When BBC cupboards were trawled for these recordings in the early nineties they were almost bare - a mere handful of tracks survived in the tape archive (released on the Band Of Joy/Strange Fruit labels).

More recently, however, a further twelve tracks, in pristine sound, were discovered buried deep in the BBC archives. Another two dozen then surfaced in a private collection - recorded off-air, with a remarkably clear signal, from original AM.

Here at last, with previously unreleased songs among classics from all six of their albums, is a representative history of the Pentangle at the BBC.

The accompanying 12 page booklet includes comprehensive liner notes  by Colin Harper, author of Dazzling Stranger: Bert Jansch and the British folk and blues revival, a full discography of Pentangle's BBC recordings, and several rare photographs.


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1. Hear My Call * 2. Turn Your Money Green *3. Travelling Song *
4. Let No Man Steal Your Thyme *5. Soho * 6. No More My Lord *
7. Every Night When The Sun Goes In * 8. I Am Lonely *
9. Forty-Eight *10. Orlando *11. Three Dances: Bransle Gay-La Rotta The Earle Of Salisbury * 12. The Time Has Come *
13. I've Got A Feeling * 14. Sweet Child * 15. In Your Mind *
16. I Loved A Lass * 17. Sovay * 18. Sally Go Round The Roses *
19. Bruton Town *20. Cold Mountain *21. I Am Lonely *
22. The Cuckoo 23. Light Flight


1. Hunting Song * 2. Moondog * 3. House Carpenter *4. Name Of The Game ***5. Train Song *6. Springtime Promises *7. Country Blues * 8. The Trees They Do Grow High ** 9. Lyke Wake Dirge * 10. Reynardine *11. Light Flight * 12. A Maid That's Deep In Love * 13. Will The Circle Be Unbroken? *14. Lord Franklin * 15. Lady Of Carlisle *16. People On The Highway 17. No Love Is Sorrow 18. Jump Baby Jump 19. Cherry Tree Carol

*** previously unreleased song
* previously unreleased version

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