Isotope & Gary Boyle

Gary Boyle formed the jazz-rock band, Isotope, in 1973, recruiting three other stalwarts from the jazz field; Nigel Morris, Brian Miller & Jeff Clyne (ex Nucleus). Gary and Nigel had previously been part of Stomu Yamash'ta's band, East Wind. Prior to that, Gary had worked with Dusty Springfield, Brian Auger & Julie Driscoll.

Isotope released three albums during the mid 70s, which gained wide acclaim and favourable comparisons with John McLaughlin's Mahavishnu Orchestra.

Following the demise of Isotope, Gary Boyle pursued a solo career and his debut album, 'The Dancer', won the 1978 Montreux Jazz/Pop Award.

This compilation is comprised of an Isotope BBC concert and an Old Grey Whistle Test show, plus a Gary Boyle session recorded for John Peel. None of these recordings have ever been released before.

The accompanying 8 page booklet includes a brief note from Gary Boyle plus extensive liner notes, including an interview with Gary, and several rare band photographs.

Gary Boyle is still releasing great albums today. In fact, his latest, 'Games', received very high praise, including a half page review in The Guardian.


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1. Upward Curve
2. Do The Business
3. Retracing My Steps
4. Honky Donkey
5. Bite On This
6. Upward Curve
7. The Dancer
8. Cowshed Shuffle
9. Almond Burfi

Tracks 1-4 Radio 1 In Concert 12.10.73

Track 5,6 Old Grey Whistle Test 26.3.74

Tracks 7-9 Gary Boyle Peel Session Recorded 22.8.77 Broadcast 31.8.77

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