Billie Jo Spears - Mr.Walker, It's All Over/ Just Singin'

Billie Jo Spears achieved several big country hits during the '70s (including 'Blanket On The Ground' & 'What I've Got In Mind') thanks to a sultry, bluesy voice that made her a perfect torch balladeer.

She also enjoyed great success in the States with songs like 'Mr. Walker, It's All Over', which gave her a Billboard #4 hit and is now now revived in this packaging of her two early LPs. These two albums (originally released in 1969 & 1972) represent the birth of Billie Jo's career. Both titles have been digitally remastered and are now released on CD for the first time.

The title track of this first album,' Mr. Walker, It's All Over' was penned by Gene Crysler. Several other prominent writers are also represented in this collection, including Merle Haggard (Keep Me From Cryin' Today), Tammy Wynette & Billy Sherrill (Stand By Your Man) and Kris Kristofferson (For The Good Times & Help Me Make It Through The Night).

The accompanying 8 page booklet features extensive liner notes, including the sleeve notes from the original LPs, and rare photographs.


Mr.Walker, It's All Over

Help Me Make It Through The Night

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Mr Walker, It's All Over
1. Mr Walker, It's All Over
2. Keep Me From Cryin' Today
3. Look Out Your Window
4. Tips And Tables
5. Stand By Your Man
6. Hold Me Tight
7. That Man
8. My Arms Stay Open Late
9. Thanks For Hangin' Round, World
10. You Couldn't Even Light His Candle
11. The Price I Pay To Stay
Just Singin'
12. Snowbird
13. Apartment #9
14. For The Good Times
15. When You Hurt Me (More Than I Love You)
16. Heavenly Sunshine
17. Trying To See
18. Help Me Make It Through The Night
19. I Can't Get Enough Of You
20. I Love You Because
21. Goin' Steady
22. Trying To See

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