Mick Softley - Songs For Swingin' Survivors

Songs for Swingin' Survivors was first released in autumn 1965. It was never subsequently reissued and original vinyl copies now fetch upwards of £100 on e-bay.

This debut is also notable as one of the first UK singer/songwriter folk albums in the contemporary style pioneered earlier in the U.S. by Bob Dylan.

Comparisons with early period Donovan are also perhaps inevitable. Donovan cited Mick Softley as a major influence and Softley actually wrote a few songs which were covered by Donovan. Notably 'The War Drags On', which Donovan included on his 'Universal Soldier' EP, and which is featured here in its original version.

Also included on this album are Softley's interpretations of the Billie Holiday favourite, 'Strange Fruit', and Woody Guthrie's 'The Plains of the Buffalo'.

Rarity value aside, this album also represents an integral piece of the whole UK 60s folk-rock jigsaw. In its way as important as debut albums by Donovan, Bert Jansch and Jackson C Frank. And this album, more than any, conveys the spirit of those first guitar-strumming pioneers.

The accompanying 8 page booklet features extensive liner notes, including Mick Softley's own note from the original LP, and rare photographs.


After The Third World War Is Over

Keep Movin' On

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1. After The Third World War Is Over
2. The Bells Of Rhymney
3. Strange Fruit
4. Blues For Cupid Green
5. All I Want Is A Chance
6. The War Drags On
7. Keep Movin' On
8. Jeannie
9. What Makes The Wind To Blow
10. I've Gotta Deal You Can't Turn Down
11. West Country Girl
12. Plains Of The Buffalo

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