Gay & Terry Woods - Lake Songs From Red Waters

As co-founders of Steeleye Span, Gay & Terry Woods were pivotal figures in the Irish folk scene of the late 60s. During this period, they also recorded and toured with Sweeney's Men & Dr Strangely Strange.

Gay & Terry were ambitious mavericks, at the adventurous end of folk rock, and by the early 1970s, they were well established as a popular duo. Between '74 & '76, they recorded three albums for Polydor Records. 'Lake Songs From Red Waters' was compiled with the help of Gay & Terry and features their personal favourites from this period.

G&T each contributed a liner note for this CD booklet, along with period photographs from their personal archives.


I Missed You

Radio Man

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1. I Missed You
2. Song For The Gypsies
3. Love Is Like A Burden
4. Dublin Town
5. Dunlavin Green
6. The Fair
7. Redlake Piker
8. The Hymn
9. Sorry Friend
10. Winter Poem
11. Under The Ewe Tree
12. Stealer Of Dreams
13. When The Time Is Right
14. Northwinds
15. Radio Man
16. Empty Rooms
17. The Brown Girl
18. Country Blues
19. Solace
20. Save The Last Dance For Me

Tracks 1,4,5,6,8,9,10 from the album Backwoods (1975)
Tracks 2,7,11,12,13,14,16,17 from the album The Time Is Right (1976)
Tracks 3,15,18,19,20 from the album Renowned (1976)

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