The Higsons CD

The Higsons formed in Norwich in 1980 and disbanded in London in 1986. During this time they recorded several sessions for BBC Radio 1 - most of them for John Peel. This album contains the best recordings from these sessions.

This album contains the best recordings from those sessions including several early versions of songs which later became singles.

The cover booklet features an original illustration by Charlie Higson who later became a comedy writer and co-creator of TV's 'The Fast Show'. The band also add their own entertaining liner notes.


"We were always broke, so these sessions were a very good way to demo songs, in fact some of these recordings are superior to the versions we released as singles, and listening to them again we were all pleasantly surprised at the overall quality."

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1.I Don't Want To Live With Monkeys
2.Got To Let This Heat Out
4.A Dash To The Shops
5.The Lost And The Lonely
6.(My Love Is) Bent (At Both Ends)
7.It All Goes Waap!!
9.We Will Never Grow Old
11.Burn The Whole Thing Down
12.Ha! Ha!
13.Music To Watch Girls By
14.Push Out The Boat
15.Attack Of The Cannibal Zombie Business Men
16.Clanking My Bucket
17.I Can Hear Voices
18.Do The Jerk
19.Walk On Water
21.It's A Wonderful Life

1-4 Recorded in session for John Peel 27.5.81
First transmission 1.6.81

5-8 Recorded in session for Richard Skinner 20.8.81
First transmission 27.8.81

9-10 Recorded in session for John Peel 21.10.81
First transmission 4.11.81

11-12 Recorded in session for David Jensen 18.4.82
First transmission 26.4.82

13 Recorded in session for David Jensen 25.11.82
First transmission 6.12.82

14-16 Recorded in session for John Peel 9.5.83
First transmission 22.6.83

17-18 Recorded in session for David Jensen 20.11.83
First transmission 20.12.83

19-21 Recorded in session for John Peel 13.6.84
First transmission 25.6.84

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