Wreckless Eric - Jubilee - 25 Years At the BBC (with gaps)

Wreckless Eric recorded his first Peel session in 1977, when his band included Ian Dury on drums and Davey Payne on sax. 25 years later, Eric made a solo, acoustic appearance live on the Jonathan Ross show on Radio 2.

This album features both of these performances, plus the best of Eric's BBC sessions recorded in between. That includes a second appearance on the Peel show, plus sessions recorded for the Saturday Live programme, Mark Radcliffe & Andy Kershaw's Radio 3 show.

Eric appears here under a variety of guises, and the 'Len Bright Combo' tracks may be of particular interest to collectors. Records by this band are highly sought after and, as Eric says in his liner notes, this session was recorded while they were at their peak.

This album was compiled by Eric himself, from the dozen or so available BBC sessions. He also wrote the extensive liner notes and contributed all the photographs for the booklet.



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1. Whole Wide World
2. Semaphore Signals
3. Personal Hygiene
4. Reconnez Cherie
5. Waxworks
6. Grown Ups
7. Brain Thieves
8. You're Gonna Screw My Head Off
9. The House Burned Down
10. Comedy Time
11. Selina Through The Windshield
12. The Palace Of Tears
13. Girl With The Wandering Eye
14. You Can't See The Woods (For The Trees)
15. Bone Marrow
16. Take The Cash
17. Sign Of The Chicken
18. Joe Meek

Tracks 1-4 Wreckless Eric - John Peel session 11.10.77 Tracks 5-7 Wreckless Eric - John Peel session 08.03.78
Tracks 8-11 Len Bright Combo - Saturday Live 07.06.86
Track12-14 Hitsville House Band - Mark Radcliffe session 24.09.96
Tracks 15-17 Southern Domestic - Andy Kershaw session 13.07.01
Track 18 Eric Goulden - Jonathan Ross show 20.04.02

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