Gene Watson

There are a handful of singers who sound great singing just about anything. Sam Cooke, Charlie Rich, George Jones - singers whose vocal mastery could, one suspects, transform the proverbial telephone book.

For fans of straight, no-frills country music, Gene Watson's rich, mellow voice is magnificently expressive and instantly recognisable.

The two albums on this CD, drawn from the most commercially successful period of his career, certainly capture Watson in his prime. Love In The Hot Afternoon (1975), his debut on US Capitol, followed hot on the heels of his first national hits, while Paper Rosie (1977) was another early classic and the album that introduced him to British audiences.

The release in 2001 of a greatest hits compilation on Universal was a reminder of past glories, and also introduced Gene's vocal genius to a new audience.

Now two of Gene's classic, long-deleted early albums are brought together on this CD, offering another chance to enjoy the company of one of country music's greatest voices. Both of these albums have been digitally remastered and now appear together on CD for the first time.


Love In The Hot Afternoon

Paper Rosie

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Love In The Hot Afternoon
1. Love In The Hot Afternoon
2. Through The Eyes Of Love
3. Bad Water
4. Long Enough To Care
5. Harvest Time
6. Where Love Begins
7. This Just Ain't No Good Day For Leavin'
8. For The First Time
9. You Could Know As Much About A Stranger
10. This Is My Year For Mexico
Paper Rosie
11. Paper Rosie
12. You Gave Me A Mountain
13. If The Shoe Fits, Wear It
14. Tennessee Sunshine
15. Desperation
16. Till You Can Make It On Your Own
17. Most Of All Why
18. Just At Dawn
19. Don't Look At Me (In That Tone Of Voice)
20. I'd Settle For Just Crossing Her Mind

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