Back Door

Back Door formed in Yorkshire and comprosed Colin Hodgkinson - ex Alexis Korner Band (bass/ vocals), Ron Aspery (sax/piano) and Tony Hicks (drums). The band attracted a great deal of interest as a result of Hodgkinson's unique full chording bass technique, a virtuoso style that has been influential ever since.

The band released their self-titled debut album on an independent label in 1972. This attracted the attention of the major record companies and they eventually signed to Warner Brothers who later reissued the debut set and went on to release another three Back Door albums over the next four years.

The album features three complete BBC Radio 1 sessions from 1973-4. two of these were recorded for Bob Harris and one for John Peel.

None of these recordings have ever been released before and four of these titles have never been issued in any form. These include two originals, 'Captain Crack Up', and 'Fanny Wiggins'. Also Muddy Waters' 'Louisiana Blues' and Robert Johnson's 'When You've Got A Good Friend'.

The CD booklet features comprehensive liner notes by Back Door's Colin Hodgkinson.


"...we sent out loads of demos to all the major record companies, but were turned down every time. 'No guitarist, no lead singer, no organ, get outta here!'" Colin Hodgkinson

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1. Vienna Breakdown
2. Blue Country Blues
3. Captain Crack Up
4. When You've Got A Good Friend
5. Adolphus Beal
6. Human Bed
7. Fanny Wiggins
8. Walkin' Blues
9. Louisiana Blues
10. Slivadiv
11. The Spoiler
12. TB Blues
13. Blakey Jones
14. The Dashing White Sargeant

Tracks 1-5 recorded for the Bob Harris show 03.01.73

Tracks 6-9 recorded for the Bob Harris show 05.12.73

Tracks 10-14 recorded for the John Peel Show 05.09.74

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