The Only Ones

The Only Ones were formed in 1976 and released their debut single, 'Lovers Of Today', on an independent label. After signing to CBS the following year, the band released the hugely influential single, 'Another Girl Another Planet'.

Their debut eponymous album in 1978 immediately drew glowing reviews, due in no small part to Peter Perrett's (Lou Reed influenced) drawl and John Perry's distinctive soaring guitar work. The band went on to release another two albums before splitting in 1981.

During this period, The Only Ones recorded four sessions for John Peel and one Radio 1 'In Concert', plus two appearances for BBC TVs 'Old Grey Whistle Test'. This double CD now brings these complete recordings together for the first time.

John Perry thinks that the Peel sessions brought out the best in the band, characterised by efficient and economical production and sometimes exceeding the recorded versions of the songs.

This compilation has been produced with the help of the band and the extensive liner notes include contributions from John Perry. The accompanying 8 page booklet features full recording details and several band photographs.


The Only Ones

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CD1 1. Oh No
2. Lovers Of Today
3. Telescopic Love
4. In Betweens
5. Another Girl Another Planet
6. The Beast
7. No Peace For The Wicked
8. Language Problem
9. Miles From Nowhere
10. Flaming Torch
11. From Here To Eternity
12. Prisoner
13. The Happy Pilgrim
14. The Big Sleep
15. Oh Lucinda
16. Why Don't You Kill Yourself
CD2 1. The Beast
2. The Immortal Story
3. Lovers Of Today
4. Someone Who Cares
5. Another Girl Another Planet
6. Flowers Die
7. She Says
8. No Peace For The Wicked
9. The Beast
10. No Solution
11. In Betweens
12. Programme


Tracks 1-4 recorded for BBC John Peel session 13.9.77

Tracks 5-8 recorded for BBC John Peel session 5.4.78

Tracks 9-12 recorded for John Peel session 19.12.78

Tracks 13-16 recorded for John Peel session 21.5.80


Tracks 1-7 recorded for BBC Radio 1 In Concert 5.7.78

Tracks 8-9 recorded for BBC Old Grey Whistle Test 13.6.78

Tracks 10-12 recorded for BBC Old Grey Whistle Test 13.3.79

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