Graham Parker CD

This album features exclusive and previously unreleased BBC recordings with two complete John Peel sessions from 1976 and seven live tracks recorded in 1977.

The classic Rumour line-up of Brinsley Schwarz, Steve Goulding, Martin Belmont, Andrew Bodnar and Bob Andrews are featured.

The 8 page booklet includes comprehensive liner notes by Graham Parker (who also compiled the track listing) with band photographs and full recording details.


"Since BBC Radio Sessions were often conducted at the crack of dawn, all recollections of the proceedings have disappeared or more probably, failed entirely to become imprinted due to the variety of hangovers I invariably nursed during this period of time...all I can conjure up as mental imagery of the events is a hint of nerves in the stomach and the metallic tang of warm McEwans reverberating across the frayed taste buds."

"...provides 15 very good reasons to instigate a Parker revival."
(Q magazine, May 1998 ****)

"...a snapshot of Parker's Rumour in full flight..."
(VOX magazine, May 1998 ****)

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1.White Honey
2.Back Door Love
3.Don't Ask Me Questions
4.Soul Shoes
5.Hotel Chambermaid
6.Pouring It All Out
7.Help Me Shake It
8.Heat Treatment
9.Lady Doctor
10.Silly Thing
11.Fools Gold
12.Gypsy Blood
13.Not If It Pleases Me
14.New York Shuffle
15.Kansas City

1-4 Recorded in session for John Peel 1.6.76
First transmission 16.6.76

5-8 Recorded in session for John Peel 2.11.76
First transmission 15.11.76

9-15 Recorded in concert 17.3.77
First transmission 26.3.77

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