Tir Na Nog

In the early 1970's, Tir Na Nog created a distinctive sound which was all their own. An exotic combination of guitars, clavinet and African drums which at the time pushed the boundaries of folk into rock.

This album is comprised solely of previously unreleased recordings mostly taken from the BBC archives. Two tracks were recorded live in London in 1973.

The 8 page booklet features comprehensive liner notes, several rare band photographs and full recording details.


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1. Strong In the Sun
2. Free Ride
3. Los Angeles
4. Backwaterawhile
5. Spotlight
6. Come And See The Show
7. The Same Thing Happening
8. Teeside
9. It Takes A Lot To Laugh, It Takes A Train To Cry
10. Piccadilly
11. The Lady I Love
12. Cinema
13. Most Magical

Tracks 1 recorded 04.09.72 broadcast 17.10.72

Tracks 2-5 recorded 23.10.73 broadcast 13.11.73

Track 16-11 recorded 16.9.72 for "In Concert"

Tracks 12-13 recorded live in London 1973

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