Gentle Giant CD - Totally Out Of The Woods

Formed from the remnants of Simon Dupree and the Big Sound and centred on the talents of the three Shulman brothers, Gentle Giant is the archtypal prog-rock band. With shifting time signatures, polyphonic vocal harmonies, use of mediaeval and classical textures and rock guitar they achieved some success in the Seventies. This companion 2-CD release to "Out Of The Fire" (Hux 008) features BBC sessions originally recorded for Radio 1's "Sounds Of The Seventies". Featuring almost 20 minutes of previously unreleased recordings including a rare live demo of "Free Hand".

The 8-page booklet includes liner notes by Gentle Giant's Gary Green and  rare photographs.


"The sessions were something of a challenge for us...but usually the results were pretty good, performance-wise...although we would joke about the antiquity of some of the equipment."

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Also available on Hux Records: Gentle Giant - Out Of The Fire

Gentle Giant- Out Of The Fire

CD1 1. City Hermit
2. Isn't It Quiet And Cold
3. DJ's Presentation
4. The Advent Of Panurge
5. Way Of Life
6. The Runaway
CD2 Excerpts From Octopus
1. Knots
2. The Boys In The Band
3. Organ Bridge
4. The Advent Of Panurge
5. Way Of Life
6. Proclaimation
7. Experience
8. Aspirations
9. Cogs In Cogs
10. Free Hand (live arrangement-demo)
11. Just The Same
12. Free Hand
13. On Reflection

CD1 Tracks 1 & 2 recorded 21.1.70 broadcast 17.8.70

Tracks 4-6 recorded 28.8.73 broadcast 28.9.73

CD2 Tracks 1-5 recorded 4.12.73 broadcast 8.1.74

Tracks 5-9 recorded 10.12.74 broadcast 17.12.74

Track 10 recorded by Ray Shulman at home, 1975

Tracks 11-13 recorded 16.9.75 broadcast 13.10.75

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