Jan Akkerman: Heartware

"Heartware" was originally released on a small Dutch label in 1987. It has become one of Jan Akkerman's most requested and certainly most sought-after albums.

On this Hux reissue, eight new tracks have been added. They vary in style from acoustic to jazz-fusion and are a perfect showcase for this unique, and highly influential guitarist.

Jan Akkerman has written a liner note and the 8 page booklet  includes background notes and photographs.


"My big problem was to create a little bit of the same context of the songs of each C.D. but since I’ve never done anything the same twice it was a real problem. Still is! And as I said the difference between C.D. 1 or 30 is what I like!"

Lost And Found

Agony and Ecstasy

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1.My Pleasure
2. Just Because
3. Lost & Found
4. Heartware
5.Winterborn Lyric
6. Lonely Street Of Dreams
7. Firenze
8. Apollo's Mask
9. Dancing Chains
10. Dompteuse du Serpent
11. Fire From Heaven
12. Almost Dawn
13. Agony & Ecstasy
14. Akkermani
15. Luxemburger

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