Terry Edwards CD

A brand-new album from musical maestro Terry Edwards. This album features three complete John Peel sessions recorded in 1991, 1993 and 1996, released for the first time, plus eight non-BBC recordings.

There is a ska-tinged cover of The Fall's "Bingomasters Breakout", featuring former Madness regulars Mark Bedford and Chris Foreman, and a cover of The Damned's "New Rose", arranged for a string quartet.

Terry Edwards compiled the album running order and also wrote the liner notes. The CD is packaged with an eight-page booklet and photographs.


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1.The Hardest Walk
2. Bingomasters Breakout
3. Lubbock, Texas
4. Knife
6. Eighty-One
7. Napalm Death Medley
8. New Rose
9. Bodies
10. Version City
11. Hey, Louis, Let's Do Lunch
12. It's Showtime
13. Ditch
14. Five Years
15. Harlem Nocturne
16. Stop Trying To Sell Me Back My Past (vol.1)

17. Cover Versions
18. Sex Machine
19. I Like My Low-Life Low
20. Boots Off!!
21. Sick Thru Drink
22. You'll See Glimpses

3-7 Recorded in session for John Peel 15.12.91
First transmission 2.2.92

11-14 Recorded in session for John Peel 6.5.93
First transmission 5.6.93

17-21 Recorded in session for John Peel 12.5.96
First transmission 16.6.96

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