Cal Smith

Country singer Cal Smith originally emerged from Ernest Tubbs' band and later went on to enjoy several hits of his own from the late 1960s and on into the 1970s.

Cal Smith's warm, comforting baritone ensured he had a significant presence in the US country music market, especially during the 1970s.

Now reissued for the first time on CD, this '2on1' features two of his greatest LPs, which were originally released on the MCA label in 1975 & 1977.

Cal Smith's last hit on the US country chart was 'I Just Come Home To Count The Memories', in 1977, which is the title track of the second album featured here.

This Hux compilation has been digitally remastered by Ron Geesin. The booklet includes extensive liner notes, photographs and full lyrics to every track.



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Track Listing:

My Kind Of Country

1. You Slip Into My Mind
2. Ghost Of Jim Bob Wilson
3. My Elusive Dreams
4. When I Hear The Wind Blow
5. Mama's Face
6. Tabernacle Tom
7. Julie
8. Linda On My Mind
9. Games That Daddies Play
10. Even A Wino Has A Home

I Just Came Home To Count The Memories

11. Just Come Home To Count The Memories
12. Woman Don't Try To Sing My Song
13. Feelin' The Weight Of My Chains
14. After The Thrill Is Gone
15. Son Run To The Spring
16. Come See About Me
17. Oklahoma Twister
18. In Crowd
19. Anita You're Dreaming
20. Till Then
21. Molly Ann


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