Jan Akkerman: Pleasure Point

This album was originally released in 1982 on WEA in Holland. Twelve new tracks have been added, recorded in 1998.

Jan Akkerman has written a liner note and the 8 page booklet includes background notes and photographs.


"I loved Rock and Roll (I started playing R&B and R&R
when I was 8 or 9) It was about breaking rules and laws.
Like Django who played forbidden music during the occupation in 40/45 in Paris. And as a little brat I liked that, and still do.
Took it a little too direct for some people

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Cool In The Shadow

Anna Mia

1. Valdez
2. Heavy Pleasure
3. Cool In The Shadow
4. Visions Of Blue
5. C.S. (Central Station)
6.Bird Island
7. Atlantean Dew
8. Laurie's Dance
9. Angel Blue
10. Halfway
11. 35 Seconds
12. Waterfalls Of Eden
13. Desiderata
14. Terra Pax?!
15. Guilty By Association
16. Communion & Procession
17. Near Odessa
18.Anne Mia

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