Infinite Love - Live At Queen Elizabeth Hall 1971 is one of two complementary new releases from Hux Records, comprising 3 hours of previously unreleased material licensed from the Island Records archive.

Quintessence recorded five albums (for Island and RCA) between 1969-73 - all five are currently available on CD.

This is the first ever 'new' Quintessence material unearthed - and doubles at one stroke the quantity of vintage Quintessence music available.

Mastered by Cormac O'Kane, responsible for the sound on Sanctuary/Universal's widely acclaimed Pentangle box set and for numerous BBC soundtracks.

36 page full colour booklets designed by Mark Case, award-winning graphic designer.

Includes 18,000 word group history and chronology from music biographer Colin Harper.

Released with the blessing and co-operation of former group members Phil 'Shiva' Jones and Dave 'Maha Dev' Codling.

A hugely acclaimed live act at the time, this is the first time a full Quintessence live album (let alone two) has ever been released.



Dive Deep

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Track Listing:

Disc One:

1 High On Mount Kailash (5:48)
2 Wonders Of The Universe (7:56)
3 Gange Mai (13:59)
4 Meditations (6:11)
5 Dive Deep (14:53)
6 Jesus, Buddha, Moses, Gauranga (15:22)

Disc Two:

1. Spoken Intro (0:40)
2. Gange Mai (9:57)
3. Pearl And Bird (4:00)
4. Sita Ram (4:26)
5. Freedom (11:06)
6. Giants (9:53)
7. Hari Om / Govinda (9:24)
8. Giants (reprise) (5:40)
9. Dive Deep (23:22)

i) Dive Deep
ii) Chant
iii) Water Goddess
iv) Dive Deep (reprise)

Running Time: 78:33

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