Fronted by the raspy voice of Roger Chapman and the excellent guitar playing of Charlie Whitney, Family was one of Britain's leading progressive rock bands of the late 60s-early 70s.

This is the third of three Hux volumes of previously unreleased BBC Radio 1 sessions by the band, and features new material as well as different versions of original songs never before available on CD.

Included here are Poli Palmer's debut Radio 1 appearance with Family, plus 'Here Comes The Grin', which has never been released before in any form. The CD closes with the group's jam, 'Blow By Blow', which is another previously unreleased track.

This album has been compiled and released with the full endorsement of the group.

The first two titles here have been remastered from the original BBC production tapes. The remaining tracks on this CD are taken from private 'off-air' recordings, as the original master tapes no longer exist. All of these tracks have been digitally remastered and optimised.

The accompanying 12 page booklet includes extensive liner notes, complete recording details and several rare band photographs.




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Track Listing:

1. 93's OK J
2. Here Comes The Grin
BBC In Concert, 1 January 1970

3. Holding The Compass
4. Lives And Ladies
Top Gear session, 5th September 1970

5. Good News Bad News
6. Drowned In Wine
7. Wheels
8. Procession + No Mule's Fool
9. Holding The Compass
10. Lives And Ladies
11. Strange Band
12. The Weaver's Answer
13. Blow By Blow
John Peel 'Sunday Show', 27th September 1970

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